Monday 19 September 2011

Twelve Glorious Months

Well that went quickly !  A whole year since I started this.

I had hoped there was a niche for something different, but like many before me, discovered that it is a very fine line which  separates "different"  from "shite"

My big break came early on when I posted Gear Review and Alan Sloman puffed it on his blog. Many hundreds read it, but 99.99% never came back. It's really been down hill from there on in, with followers departing and other bloggers dropping it from their lists.

Perhaps I should listen
After all, as Dick Tuck famously said ".......

However, I must thank the dozen or so long suffering souls who read this on a semi-regular basis and those bloggers who still link to it. I discovered as I went along that doing this blog helped tremendously in my recovery/survival programme. So if you stop visiting now, you'll  feel guilty for the rest of your life. Your call !


  1. Every Blog should have clips of gratuitous cycling. It ought to be compulsory.

    Twelve months, eh? Seems longer...

  2. Never miss it - very few blogs make me chuckle, yours always does.
    Plough your own furrow. As to the splitters; their loss!

  3. OM, yours will never be dropped from my list. As the man said:
    "I’m not going to cut it off, mate – I’m going to set fire to the shed."
    Can't remember which edition that one was in.

  4. What you need is a leisurely wander around Kelvingrove park, followed by a visit to see the collection of Angus Young's school uniforms in the museum. Or whatever else they've got the now. Guaranteed to make anyone feel better.

    I can't wait, personally.


  5. Well, thanks everyone for that overwhelming response. Just proves that the old "....or the puppy gets it" trick works every time.

    Alan. Gratuitous cycling is of course one of the events in next years Pervolympics along with mud wrestling and topless darts.

    Mark. Indeed. Hell mend them, I say.

    Alen. I can distinctly remember the first time I heard the "set fire to the shed" joke. The guy who told it now lives in New Zealand and is one of the world's leading authorities on concrete.(true!)

    Scott. Enjoy! But if the polis ask what you are doing strolling around Kelvingrove Park at 1am, I suggest that you don't mention schoolboys uniforms.

  6. What about lesbian jelly wrestling. All the rage in Beirut, apparently.

    I expect that Blogger won't let me post this message