Sunday 15 January 2012

Global Warming ? Bring it on !

Got the gas bill in yesterday.........

Half last year's for the same period !!!!!!

Now to get the hair-dryer out to defrost Mrs. OM and tell her the good news.

Bet you never thought you'd be singing that when you were 70, Dave. Still got the power.


  1. Not heard that one before, OM. Like it a lot.
    Cheers, Alen McF

    1. Glad you enjoyed Alen. Hope you're encouraged to dig out some more of his stuff.

  2. Great Track.
    Off the Album 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now' I think.

    'If I Could Only Remember By Name' is another crackin Album too.

    And his voice is still soulful.

    1. Agree, Andy. Funny how the song takes on a whole different meaning after 40 odd years.
      Some good music over on your bit.

  3. If your bill is half what it was your energy consumption will be even less than half, wot wiv the gargantuan price rises an' all...

    How does global warming affect the midge? This is the all important question.

  4. I was hoping that you would ask that, Alan.
    A team of top-style scientists over at the Institute of Studies have been doing some computer modelling (Makes a change from plasticene) of this and have come up with some controversial findings.
    Apparently as of this year the midge will become migratory !
    They will swarm on the west coast of Scotland around late May and then gradually make their way east, as a swarm, over the next couple of weeks. They will then slowly move south and take up residence in the Home Counties for the rest of the summer, with occasional forays into the Pennines and Lake District