Sunday 29 January 2012

Keep Fit

A cursory scan of the blogosphere shows that Fitness is a topic which is currently "trending" ( is this right ?)

Naturally, I've been doing my bit.

No, don't laugh. This week I have been following a programme specially devised for me by top-style scientists at the Institute of Studies. Instead of weekly or thereabouts splurge-type walks followed by several days recovery, I have been persuaded of the merits of doing shorter walks, but every day.

(A  Sports Scientist writes .. This is utter shite)

And....... it seems to be working for me.

( A Sports Scientist writes .. Actually, opinion is divided on this one)

Since Monday, at least 3 miles every day. Total of 32 miles for the week and about 2000ft of up.
Today's little spin was about 5 miles and 500 ft. Some observations

A few flowers on the gorse

At this point I got the binoculars out and was able to ascertain that, in my absence, the lazy bitch had put the heating on. Why does she think I gave her a scarf for Christmas ?

"Go ask Alice "

At his point I entered a rocky raccoon.
 Wait. I'll just check that on Google. As you were. At this point I entered a rocky ravine

Anyway, Whats that ?
Enough of this rubbish ?
You want what ? A man in a silly hat playing the slow blues on an old Fender ?

Ok. I'll have a look in the cupboard.

Would this do ?


  1. Were they thermal imaging binoculars? Cool. You get hi-tech spy gear and she gets a scarf - everybody's happy?

    1. I thought that you had been reading the blog long enough to realise that I have no need of such primitive gadgets.
      I merely step into a 'phone box, and emerge with my underpants over my tights.