Sunday 4 March 2012

So, where were we ?

Last time we had one of our little chats, I believe, I was trying to cut through the cornice at the top of Central Gully on Ben Lui.

No ?

Aaah right.

Little 27 year time slip there – must be the codeine.

It's all coming back now. After a pretty shitty end to 2011, I had started off January with high hopes, and was going well with daily walks building up to a good day topping out Myreton Hill.

Then, once more, I was faxxed by the fickle finger of fate.

I lost a month. Bastard.

Today I made it up to the Coop and back with several stops.

Aw naw,” I hear you say “That means we're in for more anti-photographs of the University campus and these fuckin' swans on the reservoir.”

'Fraid so.This must be the sixth time in 2 years that I've started the "fitness" programme. Still.............

For little "Simon Smith"




  2. This blog’s a happy place to be. Danny, I bought that record when I was at school and I’m wondering now where it is. Somebody must have swiped it. OM, that’s a new song on me and it’s totally outrageous. Good job I’m 5ft 10.5in. But it reminds me of a saying my wife’s grandfather had. He was a nice bloke, went right through the First World War and despite being a sniper in no-man’s-land wouldn’t harm a flea under normal circumstances. But he used to say: “Never trust small men and cripples.” This is totally non-PC now, of course, but it used to make us smile. He used to laugh when he said it, so perhaps he was laughing at himself as well. And there’s nothing wrong with swans. Ask the Queen. God bless her.
    Alen McF

    1. Hi Alen,
      McGuinness Flint must have been the shabbiest “Supergroup” of all time. Basically singer/songwriters Gallagher and Lyle with Tom McGuinness out of Manfred Mann, and Hughie Flint, whose career had peaked earlier when he sat one along from a Beano-reading Eric Clapton on the Blues Breakers album cover.
      “Short People” is of course Randy Newman's typically wry attack on racial prejudice
      Blogging is a bit of a chore now, but I do keep meaniing to add comments to your posts to say how much I enjoy the way you write ( and think!)