Friday 30 March 2012

Today, on the other hand..

I walked into town and back. About six miles - no significant height gain.

Not exactly Knipean, I know, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

yeracttual over on Poles Apart has done a bit of an obit for Earl Scruggs, banjoiste extraordinaire, and mentioned meeting Doc Watson. This reminded me of the inordinate amount of time I wasted trying to master his version of Windy and Warm. So deceptively simple on first hearing !

It's easy when you see it like this

Aye,right !!

and for those of you who haven't smashed your guitar yet.....


  1. Aye, right...indeed. J & I spent an afternoon with Doc & wife, Rosa Lee. A lovely guy, welcoming and friendly with immense humility. He'd just been on holiday to Scotland a few months beforehand - enjoyed it greatly. Best of all was when he said of Chet: 'If I could play like Chet, I'd be a happy man.' And, God, do I remember struggling with that Dallas Rag TAB book 'New Ragtime Guitar', of Stefan's: never seemed to master the overall feel for it, though!

  2. And I suppose the link is Grossman's mentor Rev Gary Davis, also blind and also from the Carolinas