Thursday 15 March 2012

Still streetwalking...

....occasionally shaking my head, exhaling, and muttering "Christ, that was close" as the realisation sinks in of just how close the night of 14th February came to being a Valentines Day Massacree.
Doctors say at least 6 months, but why should we believe what a crowd of retired medical students think ! I had great plans for February March and April too - even bought a new tent.!
Ah well.


  1. Um, six months until something better happens? Or something worse?

    If it helps, I bought a new tent about two years ago and I've only ever used it once. So either way, you've certainly got a better excuse than bone idleness.


    best wishes Danny

  3. University parties: The Medics and the Chemists - one lot had all the drugs the other all the pure alcohol.

    And now they are all grown up the chemists are selling drugs to the medics. It all goes round.

    Chin up fella. Same question as Scott, really. Hope it's good for you...

  4. Thanks, peeps
    Sorry about the ambiguity! 6 months before i regain what passes for fitnes around here.
    I think not.
    Watch out for reservoir pictures in a month and Dumyat pictures before the end of April. After that the worlds my oxter !

  5. Roll on a month, I can hardly wait for the Swan pictures !
    cheers Danny

    1. I'm getting a train of thought here.
      Someone called Danny - A swan? Me, a swan? - Sparky's Magic Piano - Children's Favourites - Saturday morning before Saturday Club