Monday 4 June 2012

Ah yes, walking.

I have been doing some. Honest.
Nothing spectacular, and with mixed results, this weekend being a case in point.

Saturday I did one of my regular local jaunts - 6 miles/800 ft - no sweat. Actually, I was freezing..

The whin bushes on this stretch of road are just about over, but they started flowering in January !

Cast a clout ? I should coco. Bloody freezing

Got to breath in on this bit of the path !

Yesterday, as a loosener, I took the long way round to the shops and "hit the wall" after about a mile of walking on the level. Dead buggin' !!

However, the weekend was not a total write-off. I hate to hear a grown man sobbing so.....

There you go, Danny


  1. thanks for that, it's a pity they didn't throw in a new camera with the "Babbage" I'll send you :-
    photo #53 from
    cheers Danny

    1. I doubt if you will ever appreciate the finer points of anti-photography !

      Lees macaroon bars - the reason, along with Highland Cream toffee for Scotland's appalling dental (with a d) health record

    2. Teddy's Macaroon Bars :-
      2 Lb. icing sugar. - expect to use around 1-1/2 Lb. at least.
      one medium potato (King Edward or Maris Piper are the best mashers)
      desiccated coconut, toasted until golden

      peel – boil - and mash potato, you want about 5 Oz. add icing sugar and knead together until you obtain a stiff dough, at first it will go very liquid/runny. Roll it out and cut into bars. This now has to sit to dry out, I leave mine overnight, turn it and then leave another 1/2 day, as soon as it is set and fairly firm / dry to touch, dip in melted chocolate and then roll in toasted desiccated coconut. Place on Grease proof paper or a silicone baking sheet until set. That's all there is to it ! Enjoy ! Macaroon Bar

    3. Ideal as part of the Scottish fruit and veg "5aday" along with chips, a 3litre bottle of cider,the onion topping on a deep fried pizza, and a strawberry mivvi

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