Friday 1 June 2012


I hear you ask, "is an old Trot like you doing to contribute to the outpouring of jollity and celebration that is currently engulfing the entire nation from Croydon all the way to Watford ?"

Fair question.

How about some jolly celebratory music for starters ?

And then a true (aren't they all ?) story ?

Once upon a time, I was walking round a building site in Maghull. It's where Myrrzeezide kinda morphs into rural Lancashire. My companion was a fearsome looking Scouser - shaven head and tattoos on his spit - of the Blue persuasion. On rounding a corner, we espied a guy from the Portaloo company connecting  up the hoses to pump the contents into a waiting tanker.
He was wearing a LFC top.

"Oi" shouts my companion, and the Portaloo guy did a rather superfluous double-take. "You" came the second shout, accompanied by a totally unambiguous pointing finger.

The poor shit-shifter was now obviously shitting himself and  apparently suitably set up for the coup de grace - delivered from close-up without a hint of a smile.

"You taking the piss ?"

There's no answer to that.



    1. as oppiosed to "The Smiths are Dead" by Queen

  2. If, at some point during this historic and euphoric weekend OM, you find yourself involuntarily mouthing the words of the national anthem, take solace in the old joke about a naked man in a wardrobe who was forced to scream: “For Christ’s sake, tweet bloody tweet.”
    I can’t remember how the joke started, but it involved an unfaithful wife, an angry husband and a lost budgie.
    Alen McF

    1. The unfaithful wife, the angry husband and the naked man in the wardrobe are fairly familiar, but the foul mouthed budgie with the Twitter account is a new one on me.

      By the way, always remember that nothing succeeds like a toothless budgie.