Sunday 10 June 2012

Half of what I say is meaningless

On Thursday I set off to walk  the old turnpike road along the Hillfoots to Tillicoultry. There's a fork in the path through the woods at the back of the graveyard. I knew my route went along the right-hand low-level path, but it was a nice day and the left hand, uphill path looked very inviting So, off I went. I just don't care, me.

As I expected, it took me up through Yellowcraig Woods, through the rhododendron tunnel, to the top of the crag

My intended route is along the bottom of the escarpment

I circled round the fringes of the Shirra Muir and looked for  orchids in the usual places. I didn't see any which is not to say there were none to see.

On Friday I set off to do the walk planned for the previous day. Taking the right-hand fork, I hadn''t gone 100 metres before I noticed this little fella right at the edge of the path. Aah

Put out more flags ?

Blairlogie village

Wildlife photography - piece o' piss ! Eat your heart out, Mark.

As a result of the recent lack of posting, our music clip warehouse is bulging at the seams, and, in order to make room for expected deliveries of new stock, we will be featuring some Multisave offers.
Fill your boots.


  1. One of the reason I love coming over to your place (apart from the scintillating wit and the tales of derring-do) is the great breadth of music.

    An absolute joy.
    Cheers, ol' fruit!

    1. glad you enjoy it.
      And there was me thinking that it was the photography that was the attraction !

  2. Only half? I reckon that gives you a pretty good average then.
    Can't find that wildlife in any of my field guides...?
    "Downriver" - wooah! Shiver down the spine stuff. Magic!

    1. Crackin album !
      Critically acclaimed - sales flop.Despite Jools recording Road to Cairo.

  3. The "Money" track on the Beatles anthology album sounds like punk rock - fab stuff. I might put it on the pie blog.... with a picture of Helvellyn or somebody's arse perhaps...

    1. Good shout, Mr.K.
      People probably forget what a tight little rock band they were live in those days- if you could hear them !
      Also, if you compare these versions with the Decca demo version with Pete Best, it becomes obvious why the much maligned Mr.Starkey got the job!
      P.S. Kylie's arse would be good.