Saturday 10 November 2012

Some folk, eh.

I was out today in the Ochils. Walking along a narrow path, I was accosted by an enthusiastic little fox terrier. As I was hunkered down and engaged in conversation with the wee fella, his owners brushed past without returning my "Fine day" or even acknowledging my presence by as much as a raised eyebrow.

This  happens a lot these days. I used to put it down to the wrap-round shades and bandanna brigade, but ordinary folk seem to be doing  it as well.

Was it always thus ?

Mrs.OM says I should stop going out wearing a ski mask and carrying a samurai sword, but I believe  that this is only part of the problem. I blame the Daily Mail.

However, on a happier note. About this time last year I wrote in a blog post about how disappointed I was at the poor Autumn colour and how my poor health at the time and in particular my fading eyesight might mean that it would be the last Autumn that I would see.
Well, a year on, and obviously I'm still here ( The Creaking Gate), and while my eyesight has deteriorated, the rate has slowed down considerably. And of course, as a result of the October frosts, this has been a particularly good Autumn for colour.

So, all things considered, in the circumstances, allowing for inflation and the curvature of the earth, this has to be adjudged a Good Thing



  1. Aye, the old stuff's still the best. The camera angle could do wi' a wee adjustment, mind!

    1. As I am always reminding Mrs.OM.

      Not the stuff about camera angles, obviously !

  2. Good to hear it, OM.

    Lots more colours to enjoy.

  3. Personally, I would blame the Daily Mail for absolutely everything. Glad to hear the good news on the health front, OM.

    1. Hmm. Perhaps we are being a bit harsh. The Telegraph has to take some of the blame