Thursday 8 November 2012

Yin and Yang..

Light and shade, good and evil, hill and glen - it's all a question of balance as the Moody Blues observed.

So today it was a glen - Alva Glen if you must know.

The burn, which cuts through a line of weakness in the Ochils scarp, provided drinking water and power for the mills in the town.

Smashin' wee walk with quite a steep climb up out of the glen to the viewpoint

The top of the path and a view of the cave. You can loup the fence here and continue up the pass, but I opted for deferred gratification on that one

The information board says 45 minutes up and 30 minutes down. I did the round trip in a leisurely 2 hours. What is this life, if, full of care......... . Indeed


  1. Leisurely is what it's all about, I have decided after far too long. Sometimes I'm tempted to throw my watch away like Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper only I can't ride a motorbike.
    Video's great. Not come across that one before OM.
    Regards, Alen McF

    1. Just do it ,Alen. Yo will feel that your soul has been liberated.
      (And you'll always be able to check the time on your iPhone and GPS.)