Friday 23 November 2012

Tote that barge, lift that bale

Just as I was beginning to settle in to life as a gentleman of leisure, I received an offer (which I could not refuse - Christmas is coming !) to give a few further (farewell ?) performances in front of the flip chart board.
This has taken up an unwelcome amount of my time over the last week or so, involving updating material, showering/shaving/tooth brushing, finding suitable trousers etc. And, of course, this means that I have been unable to get out into the hills and return with the photographs of mud which seem to be so popular.
Fear not, however. After another couple of days of up in the morning - out on the job, I will be back in recovering hillwalker mode (god willing and weather permitting), no doubt resplendent in new Arcteryx jacket, Haglofs fleece and Asolo boots, assuming that the cheque really is in the post.



  1. I did a course last year that required flip chart abilities. I could just about write a legible version of my name, but trying to do sums "live" in front of folk was probably the most soul destroyingly humiliating thing I've done in my life.

    So, good luck with that gig!


    1. I am, of course, a master of all the modern electronic presentation aids, but it is very reassuring to have the old shool A1 paper available in case of power cuts or mechanical failure. Plus, if things aren't going well, you can get a bit of a buzz from sniffing the pens.