Thursday 17 January 2013

An Inspector Calls


(This post is brought to you courtesy of Bill Gates/Alan Sloman and everyone else who has been telling me to get with Live Writer.)




Yup, it's time for my Winter round of Path Inspections.I have a decent selection including two in the village itself which can be done when I pop out for a lottery ticket. The other two are a bit more ambitious, and today (Tuesday) seemed an ideal chance to take advantage of the unseasonal spell of fine weather to tackle Logie to Menstrie.


What ?


Snow ?


Really ?

Well here in the land of The Chosen People it's been sunny, mild with the merest hint of a zephyr (or is it a zodiac?). So there.

I walked from home along the Back o Dykes Road to Logie Kirk


Remember I told you about the two twelth century hog back graves (Rosencrantz and Guldenstern) ?


Stonkin' good example of a Monkey Puzzle tree - probably from one of the first batches of seed to arrive from Chile.


The tone was set within the first 50m !


But fortunately I had come prepared in my Cozmic (blues again) boots.


This is a nice varied walk, one that I do sometimes even when I don't have the peaked cap and clipboard. It starts off in some woodland.


And then breaks out onto open hillside. This is the line of the old road, contouring along at about 50 ft above the flat carseland, which, until a couple of hundred years ago was impassable bog.


Cutsie little conservation village of Blairlogie

Up to this point I had had nothing to report then – shockaroonie


Can you say arseholes on Live Writer ?

Not evil landowners with barbed wire, just lazy twats who couldn't be arsed crossing the stile out of the carpark. My clipboard was throbbing, I can tell you !

However, about half a mile further on.......



Success !

Those of you who are stalking me will recall that, when i did my Autumn inspection, I remarked on a rather rotten sleeper bridge.

Well, to prove that someone listens to me, here's the brand spanking new replacement.


The final section is a farm road which melds into the Menstrie Glen/Lossburn path, but not today (I have plans to combine this with something else). So I slithered down the steep waterworks path to Menstrie - only partially on my backside.

Another fine day - another bonus.


OK . The Fine and Mellow music seemed to go down like a bucket of cold sick with you, so I'll try something more raucous




  1. Must be satisfying to see improvements have been made.
    Strike one more for you - Martin Harley - fantastic! Thanks.
    (I like the Moby too, but I knew that one already.)

    1. Hi Mark. Looks like a good gig to have been at!
      Glad you seem to have shaken off the chest infection - i've had a few lately and they sometimes hang on for ages

  2. Down our way they just nick the lead from the church roofs...

    Left AND right justified pictures now, eh? The world is your lobster, Rodney!

    1. Just look out for the surround-sound 3-D posts in future !

  3. Very nice area. Not a part of the world i know at all so good to see the photo's. Stayed in Stirling 1 night and that's as close to you as i have been. I was working though.

    1. Aye, Alan - The Gateway to The Highlands.
      I really appreciate being able to walk out the back door and be in the hills in half an hour - just wish I was healthier, but mustn't complain.

  4. Very pretty it looks too...your effort with livewriter. I keep forgetting to use it...mind you I keep forgetting to write in general.

    Just to really irritate you I took the liberty of awarding you The Versatile Blogger thingy (you get to put a pretty logo on your blog). See here to read about it - . Now...I bet that made your whole year!

    1. Cheers, Ken. I take it that once someone gives you this Versatile Blogger thing, you can award it to someone else ?

      Like chlamydia ?

  5. A winter round isn't often enough. Every three months at worst. And, if I remember right, it's aboot 40mm for a dangerous tripping edge on a road and only 20mm for a path.

    I think you're too saft.


    1. Saft ? Saft ye say? Let me tell you this. boy. Not only do we do these inspections every three months - we do them quarterly

  6. Martin Harley, excellent. Another new one for me. Thanks. Fist time I've seen someone play what looks like a J200 as a lap-steel! Fine sound, mind. I had one for a while and hated it. Came to me via Donovan. Cos of Gary Davis back then, I'd always wanted one. It was a sad disappointment.

    1. Well spotted ! He usually plays a Weissenborn copy.