Monday 28 January 2013



The forecast wasn’t great, but a watery sun was trying to emerge as I left the Spa Town for points East. My final path inspection was due before the end of the month, and the weather didn’t look as if it was going to improve later in the week. Now, I don’t think I would have been stripped of my clipboard and reduced to the ranks for being a few days late, but I tend to be quaintly old-fashioned about deadlines and stuff like that.It wasn’t just the weather that was a bit under par- as soon as I got up, I realised that it was not one of my “Good Days”.However, nil desperandum etc. If you are reading this you will no doubt be familiar with the medical practice known as “walking it off”.



A bit of a pick-me-up on the walk-in – the fence beside the stile has been repaired.



As I turned North and started to climb the steep track up the glen I felt the need to lighten the load a little, and threw up my breakfast into the ditch.Further upward progress seemed unlikely. However, I have developed a strategy for such events – Blood sugar/ Hydration (half a banana and 200mls of water) , stand (don’t sit down) for a few minutes and then slowly continue a few steps at a time.When this works, as it did today, I feel pretty shitty for a few minutes, but after half an hour or so I’m wondering what all the fuss was about. 


DSCF3849  DSCF3850

The track was a mess- running water,  mud, slush and snow all churned up by tractor tyres. The cross drains were like fords.And for added effect, a snell wind got up, accompanied by driving rain.All that was needed to complete the picture was Jeremy Clarkson and Anthony Worrall-Thomson.




Speak of the Devil.



The keeper passed me as I was coming down and a few minutes later I heard the engine repeatedly revving as the Gator got stuck For a brief moment i considered going back to try to push him out – a very brief moment !




Just as I believe I’m sinkin’ down – The Crossroads. And the nominations are… PlanA, go round the head of the glen and return down the other side. PlanB,return the way I came and PlanC, continue on a rather better track through to Sheriffmuir Road and return home on tarmac. And when I opened the envelope the winner was…………. PlanC  And so it was.


Terra Firma at last


So in the circumstances, a bit of a triumph.Not a kick in the arse off 10 miles and over 1000ft of up in unfavourable conditions in 4 hours on a Bad Day.


John Prine during his “Don't Panic” Scouse period



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    1. bivium virtutis et vitii

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    3. I only removed 00:56 as Blogger posted my reply twice ?
      like it's not get one get another free or anything

    4. Don't blame Blogger for you own incompetence. It works fine for me.

    5. I thought it was you that had to wear the pads ?

  2. Some people don't know when to give up

    1. This is true.
      And quite afew of them have blogs listed on the right >>

  3. This "giving up" thing. What's that all about then?

    I think I would have had a quiet sit down with a decent bottle and a block or two of chocolate. Then carried on, of course, after the seemingly mandatory chucking up.

    1. Different strokes for different folks,Alan, as I wrote in my recent article in The Journal of Comparative Vascular Neurology.
      I look forward to hearing more about your current stamina enhancing techniques when you are interviewed on Oprah

    2. I didn't know Alan sang in Latin !

  4. 10 miles and 1000 feet of up isn't too shabby at all. I wish I'd managed to do that in the last three months combined.

    Oh, and Ecce Romani. Just to join in, like.

    1. And what did they ever do for us ?
      Apart from the ice cream and the chip shops.