Friday 15 February 2013

Curio-ser and curio-ser



Apologies for not posting for a few days- London Fashion Week is obviously a busy time for me. Just a filler, then, with some more musical curios/ bits and pieces.




First off we have Chuck Berry at his strutting, smirking, duck-walking best.Playing bass ( on his trademark Epiphone) is Merseybeat and mersey beat legend Jimmy Kinsley and on rhythm is Jimmy Campbell.



Jimmy was a Scouse singer/songwriter who recorded several albums of “nobody loves me/I think I’ll just go eat worms /bed-sit stuff. The best of it was quite good..The drink took him young.




Now, for the avoidance of doubt, I am not now, nor have I ever been a Roman Catholic or a supporter of Celtic Football Club. This does not mean that I am precluded from loathing and detesting the cancer on Scottish society that was called Rangers.As a result of not paying their taxes, the original Rangers was wound-up, but an Englishman called Charles Green bought the stadium and the name and is trying to  con money out of the gullible supporters by pretending that it is the same “club”- hence Zombie Huns .The best response is just to take the piss.




Just to show that industrialisation of “wildland” is not new.





And to finish. Wild horses wouldn’t have dragged me away, Mick

Good night


  1. That's another thing. Why did they change Mars bars? They used to be much tougher. They're much squishier these days.

  2. Christ, I'm getting old. I read that and, for a brief second I thought "WTF's he on about?" Then the meds kicked in :-).
    To keep the discussion on a purely confectionery level, you are of course correct.I used to take Bountys on winter walks as at low temperatures you could break your teeth on Mars bars or Marathons.
    They are definitely squidgier now, as well as much smaller.
    Although I'm told that size doesn't matter with confectionery bars :-)

  3. One of the problems of the internet - well, being drunk and using the internet to be more exact - is that I've ben listening to quite a lot of John Prine recently, and I don't know if it's because of something you posted here, or something somebody else posted elsewhere, or (the most unlikely scenario) something I discovered mysel' via obscure Youtube surfing.

    Anyhoo - great song.

    If you haven't heard of him already, you might like this guy:

  4. I suspect that Berners-lee bloke must have been a non-drinker !
    I've certainly put a few JP clips on here - ticks all the boxes good player/writes good songs but it's his voice I really love (Mrs. OM hates it!)My fav clip is where he introduces and sings Angel from Montgomery with the river in the background.Funnily enough(or not) I first heard him on John Peel in the late sixties, at which time he still sounded about 90 years old.
    Thanks for Scott H - he must have slipped under the radar. Cut from similar cloth at first listening. Says on Wiki that he's a one man band but initial research shows him singing and playing guitar and moothie max.

  5. 10/10 have a gold star a spray of millet and even a clean sheet of newspaper

    1. Thanks, Mr.Endell. I take it the gold star is for the baroness

    2. If we let you have a cuttle fish you'd be really sharp