Thursday 21 February 2013

oh, that magic feeling.



One of the joys of being a socio-casual perambulator, is being able to follow your nose. Yes, the planning and the poring is fun, but it’s enjoyable to see a path and say “I wonder where that goes ?”  Now in the Brazilian rain forest or the Australian outback such inquisitiveness could be fatal. Less so in leafy Stirlingshire.

And so it was that, out today for a bit of a stroll and a recce for a wee health walk I'm leading next week. I noticed a little path that I must have passed dozens of times over the last fifty years.It was a pleasant, if bitterly cold day, I had nothing to rush home for, so………












And what a joy ! The path follows the course of the burn along the edge of a deep ravine. Exquisite. (Doesn’t photo well “Quelle surprise,eh ?) Nothing spectacular, just one of life's happy little surprises.


The title was suggested by a recent interrogation by No2 Grandson.I can remember when our kids had to interview their grandparents about The War for a school project.For this generation the subject appears to be The Sixties. The interview went thus.


I suppose your favourite album is Sergeant Pepper.


But everybody’s granddad says Sergeant Pepper.

Nope – not in my top ten.

So, you don’t like the Beatles, then.

Yup. But Sergeant Pepper isn’t even in my top three Beatles albums.

You’re being weird again, Grandad.

Nope. Probably fourth equal with The White Album and behind Rubber Soul and Revolver and my personal favourite.

There was no point in digging out the vinyl copy for him, so I emailed him the URL for this



  1. A good choice, though I tend to lean towards Rubber Sole mostly....must be my age.

    1. I also have a strange affection for The Magical Mystery Tour