Wednesday 21 August 2013

G*** Review


I’d just like to sign off on the Berghaus Freeflow 20 rucksack which i have been “testing”


I wanted to see how it performed in the rain. This is known in the trade as the “Fred Astaire test”

Now this has been a terrible summer – all heat waves, sunshine and dry spells. An absolute friggin nightmare for we pro gear-testers .However,we have had some short sharp showers recently and I exposed the little fellow to one as an experiment.I have to say that it came through with flying colours with and without the raincover. Now this does not equate to 7 hours driving rain on Rannoch Moor, but that is not the intended environment for this product. As long as it keeps your ciabatta and iPad dry.


So,to summarise.

  • It’s quite smart and seems to be well made
  • It’s at least heavy-shower proof
  • It is quite comfortable to wear. It does seem to move about from side to side making a rubbing noise on shiny fabrics. This may be due to my manly stride and would not necessarily be a problem for those of you who favour a more mincing gait. And of course the waist strap might sort the issue.
  • The Freeflow system seems to work as well as any and better than most, in my limited experience.It comes, though,at a price.
  • It is a small 20 litres.
  • The rigid panel which creates the Freeflow forms a choke point when packing.
  • A couple of bulky objects and it seems full, even when there is unused space in the lower corners.
  • The external pocket has, let’s say, limited functionality.

There you go – can’t say fairer then that. Not something I can see a use for in my life, but if this is what you’re looking for – you’ve found it !

So that clears the decks ready for the Pro Shell jacket testing – same address please Mr. Berghaus.



You never forget your first (or last) redhead !


  1. Yours came with a cover? !!!!

    1. Ak Laura. Despite your being a loyal and much appreciated follower of the blog, I feel I don't know you well enough to respond other than by saying that the Freeflow 20 features an integral raincover stowed in a zipped pocket at the base. OK ?

  2. I have one on test but despite the attached label saying there was 'an integral raincover' I have been unable to locate it................

    1. Not sure if you can't find the zipped pocket at the base, or if it is empty ?