Friday 30 August 2013

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times


So, I went down the doctors.

He said “There’s good news and bad news”

I said “What’s the good news ?”

He said “ You definitely don’t have hypochondria”

I said “Can you give me something for the wind.?”

So he wrote me a prescription for a kite.

He said “You seem to have caught a dose of alice”

I said “What’s alice ?”

He said “We don’t really know, but Christopher Robin went down with it “

There you go. Three vintage gems for the collectors.From the blog which continues to demonstrate that the old ones are not necessarily the best. Anyway. Point is.

I walked up to the post office yesterday. About half a mile – dead level.Had to stop twice for a rest. I currently have one foot which almost looks like a normal human foot, and another which, if cut off and hollowed out, would serve as an acceptable umbrella stand in a gentleman’s club.Apparently, if they operate on my heart, my liver will explode. Or is it the other way round.

.. it was the spring of hope. it was the winter of despair.

Naw, come on. I’m quite chipper really.These wee down turns usually clear up themselves quite quickly  I just put that bit in to show off and be all literary and stuff.

“That’s not like you. OM”

I know. I just thought I’d try something different


To finally get to the point of this post.

People keep asking for more clips of the Nocturnals. This is perfectly understandable - Matt Burr is a fine drummer.






  1. He's certainly the reason I lap the videos up.

    I know a song that sort of starts with "I went to the doctors...". It's NSFW though. Unless your job involves using a lot of harsh language. Still.

    1. Hmm - chilling.
      No problem with the language at my "work". I suppose in your profession you have to associate with foul-mouthed drunks,drug-users, fraudsters, wife beaters and sex offenders.
      And then there's the clients.

  2. Just catching up. Thanks for the laugh. Anyway . . . tea break over.