Tuesday 13 August 2013

The young folk today – whit they like, eh ?


Today, for reasons not unconnected with my birthday, was spent at the seaside with some “young people”


During the course of the day, I completely failed to instil in them their grandfather’s spirit of humourless cynical misanthropy.


Finding a hollow in the dunes, they cunningly tricked me into lying down and despite my vigorous efforts to escape, completely buried me in sand apart from my head. This is apparently what passes for “fun” when you are six.

A little of such frivolity goes a long way, and it was a great relief to return to the dark morbid world from which I emerge only to communicate with you, dear reader



  1. Ah, there is a spark of warmth in that old dark heart.

  2. That's the best version of Waltzing Matilda I've ever heard.
    Ta for that.

    Did you ever manage to get rid of the sand form the crevices?

    1. In my case for crevices read crevasses. But yes, the shower tray did look a little like the bottom of a budgie's cage.