Sunday 2 January 2011


Oldmortality - nil (after extra time)

I've been trying to get out and make up some lost time (wee tumble just before Christmas-bruised ribs- only when I laugh, thank you.). Most of the snow and ice has gone around here, but every now and again you come round the corner of the path and are confronted by about 100m of hard-packed shiny ice, wall to wall, or hedge to hedge. For me, this means a back-track and search for another way round. Now, I have got some very old crampons ( I bought them after they were given a good review by Eddie Whymper on his blog "Not with a bang"), but they are a sodding faff to put on and off for short distances. Perhaps I should invest in a pair of these Katona Miicrospikes everyone seems to be talking about.
What ?
Really ? 40 of your earth pounds ? Do they do pensioner rates ?

It has come to my attention that there has been a lack of vulgar, primitive, down and dirty music on here, and this has been causing rumblings among our vulgar, primitive, down and dirty readership.Need I say more than "Take it away, Bon"

Angus's stats

Distance covered;  1.6 kilometres

Ascent : 22.4 metres


  1. "...Eddie Whymper on his blog "Not with a bang"

    We smirked a lot.

  2. I couldn't confine myself to smirking.
    And I lost it completely when I noticed "Angus's stats", which I somehow missed the first time through.


  3. Keep it up gentlemen.
    Not enough smirking in the world, if you ask me

  4. I must have been very tired the first time I read this - "...Eddie Whymper on his blog "Not with a bang" - passed right over my head. Fortunately, I came back a second time and I too didn't stop at smirking.

  5. You know what they say,Mark.
    He who smirks last........