Thursday 6 January 2011

Over My Head

There was an element of "unfinished business" about today's walk. I could explain the complex technical, emotional and geopolitical background, but I can't be arsed. Suffice it to say, I was up at sparrowfart and away skiting on the black ice up to the bus stop and off to East Linton. There was a forty minute delay due to an accident on the motorway, but I slept through it.

East Linton is one of these typical Scottish villages of stone built houses with front doors which open straight on to the street and a flourishing culture of wife-swapping and devil worship. I walked swiftly up the main street and picked up the John Muir Way, heading for North Berwick

 It was around these parts that The Saltire flag originated when the leader of yet another tiny force of blue painted Scots, confronting a massive force of well equiped shaven headed tattooed English, saw a St. Andrews cross cloud formation against the blue sky and took it to be an omen. The not-too-bright, lager-soaked English took it to be the vapour trails of the Scottish ground attack aircraft and didn't stop running until they reached Stoke Poges.

I like East Lothian. Apart from being the birthplace of John Muir, it has lots of interesting nooks and crannies and a variety of coastal and upland scenery. One of its characteristics is the red tiled houses.

Development opportunity?

A field of rather sad looking cabbages

Lunch  Spot

Destination getting closer

North Berwick Law with quarry

North Berwick

Weather was crisp and sunny to begin with clouding over later. Good path/track over mixed terrain. Waymarking adequate. The John Muir Way goes all the way from Co'path to Musselburgh.I plan to do other bits of it.
About 7 miles which fits into the fitness programme fine, particularly as no blood in the socks.

I had about an hour to wait for a bus connection in Edinburgh. Without thinking, I started heading for the Cafe Royal for a couple of pints of the black stuff and half a dozen of Whitstables finest.Then I remembered. I don't do that stuff any more. When I got home, I found out that the drink had taken wee Raffo.

Aye, well

"Over my head
There is so much to see in the sky
Just that feeling of being alive
Don't let it go, don't let it slip away"


  1. Good Lord! This is reading like an "outdoors blog"!
    Stop it! Too distressing! There'll be "gear" posts next! AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!

    (and well done on getting out there, of course...)

  2. Don't worry Alan...he didn't do any of those hill thingies...and I think we all fondly remember the last gear post OM did. Great stuff it was but unlikely to challenge the determined absurdity of the lightweight bloggers.

    Anyway - damned fine effort at sticking to the programme! I'm afraid that's as close to encouragement as I get.

  3. Thanks.
    Watch this space for my reviews of the Starview tarp and Baffies lightweight trail shoes.
    Steady on,Ken. Remember you're Scottish. We don't do encouragement.

  4. Look.
    I'm English.
    What's a "baffie" ? (bare feet?)

  5. Baffies are tartan carpet slippers traditionally given as Christmas presents to elderly relatives.
    Everyday is a schoolday !