Sunday 16 January 2011

Off to jolly old Skem...

...for a couple of days "work" this week. I was doing a course in Skem a few years ago, and when I came back early to the training room to set up after lunch, I found two blokes carrying the tely out through the patio doors !

When I get back, it's off for a wee break  in the land of cake. Then I'll have a bit of a think about this blogging thing.

something over on Pieland made me think of this.


  1. Pieland hmm? what?
    My mum wouldn't let me play this record. I think she thought it was about pictures of willies. (I used to change the words)

  2. Obviously a sensible woman, your mum. That there "Devil's Music" can lead a young lad astray