Friday 21 January 2011

Some more steps

It was a frosty morning. The grass and trees were covered in icy crystals. A hoar of a frost, in fact.. The destination - Tilly Glen.
Stage one was a brisk walk up to the Uni to get the bus. The air was crisp, the sky was blue. My body was purring like a piece of well oiled machinery. It was all bound to end in disaster.
 Buspasspartout took care of the travel arrangements as usual. and we were soon speeding along the Hillfoots in brilliant sunshine. But looking ahead, I could see that from Alva onward the view was obscured by cloud. And so it was that I headed up the road to The Clock Mill in a cold haar  I was, however, pretty certain that around about the height where the paths split, I would be above it. And so it proved.

Fintry Hills in the distance behind a cloud covered Carse

This is one of the "make the height early" jobs and starts with a bit of a slog up steps and a zig-zag path. Where the path splits, with the lower path going into the Mill Glen, I took the upper path which leads eventually through the Ochils to Blackford. But not today !

I could have sworn there was someone following me all day.

Looking up the Daiglen

The Law with the trade route to Ben Cleuch clearly visible

The Law dropping into the Gannel Burn

Still bits of cloud about

A familiar landmark

Snowfield across the path

The col at the top of the glen

This was as far as I got. Always leave a bit in the tank to get down. Where do most accidents happen, children ? Conditions were a mixture of frozen ground, ice, and squelchy on a narrow path with some big drops. I'd guess about 5 miles in total and a lift of about 1600 ft. But thats not important right now. Total quiet - total isolation (I only saw one rather surly couple  right at the end of the day) Did I enjoy myself ? You're darn tootin I did !

Nice song - shame about the video. So eighties.

Aaah the eighties. When I was The Man, when I had The Power. And I pissed it all away. So it goes.


  1. Enjoyed the tour, thanks, funny the man in black follow's me around as well ?
    cheers Danny

  2. One day, I'll live near some hills....
    Nice walk, OM. Heartening stuff. And I like Snowy White too.

  3. Seems a good walk - I really like those first two pictures by the way.

  4. Thanks Danny, and welcome to the Followers - you and Teddy qualify for family membership.

    Alan, be careful what you wish for. Along with the hills goes having Welshmen, Northerners, or Scotsmen as neighbours.

    Trevor, thanks. Photographs are pure hit or miss, but I do quite like that first one.I'm following your preparations for the "big one" with interest

  5. Now that's a path I've trodden many, many times in every kind of weather. Thanks for the memory jog :o)

  6. It's a grand walk that. Mind you, many years ago a farmer threatened to shoot me if I let my Border Collie off the lead. I did, then spoke to a police friend about charging the clown.

  7. Kev, I reckon it was about 50 years since I was first up there, and probably 20 odd since the last time.This was the best,but!

    Gibson, at least the sign at the Sheriffmuir-Dumyat path only threatens to shoot the dog, not the owner ! I had thought these days were gone.
    Anyway, next time I hope to get a bit further. Is the old iron style still there ?