Thursday 10 February 2011

Backward steps

I had hoped to be sitting down this evening and regaling both of you with the details of a circuit of 3 or 4 2000 tops. The long awaited weather window had arrived, and the trip was a realistic follow on from my previous post. However it was not to be. Only a few yards up Mill Road and I  realised that it was a "Bad Day".
I tried to "walk it off", but after an hour it had become rather silly so I baled out.

Another precious day wasted.



  1. It happens. I've been painting for a week or so and my lungs are full of undercoat & gloss fumes.

    The only exercise I am getting is opening bottles of wine and crisp packets as rewards.

    Tomorrow is another day. Good luck, OM.

  2. Thanks Alan. You appear to have missed out the "Sh" at the beginning of your comment !
    It's interesting that you are preparinging for the Challenge with the High Tannin/Low Protein Diet which the sports scientists seem to favour these days.