Thursday 24 February 2011

The dog ate my blog.


I left my kit on the bus. got a note from my mum saying I am to be excused blogging for a couple of weeks 'cos I've got dyreah.
And also my internet seems to be running as slow as molasses at the moment.

But "I'll be back"

In the meantime, the lovely Avril will pass among you with assorted confectionery and drinks on sticks.

Heres some more hippy shit


  1. This note looks like you've written it yourself.
    What do you say to that, eh? Eh?

    (Ermysteds Grammar School for Boys April 1967)

  2. Honest,Sir !
    My mum always rights letters on bits of tracing paper from the Geography department.

  3. It'll all be in the Report Card at the end of the year, you know?! The ISB - ah.....inspired madness. Robin Williamson now lives a relatively sober life in Cardiff these days, certainly much changed from his hippy days. A fine song-writer and performer. I still find myself muttering the 'Minataurs Song' from time to time. The wife thinks it's awful in every way. Except my own fine soprano, of course!

  4. Iain, there was a wee Incredible discussion on here around October last year. see Archive if interested