Thursday 24 February 2011

As birds bring forth the sun

what a lovely sunny day ! And mild.

I mentioned the untimely death of Tam White in response to a comment, and feel the old bugger deserves a bit more.
Google his life story - apprentice stone mason, 60's pop group, solo "pop" career including TOTP, own TV series, acting career including Braveheart, and Godfather of the Scottish Blues Scene for 4 decades.
I particularly associate him with wild nights at the much lamented Preservation Hall down Victoria Street. We would both be in our late-thirties - the age when you are a Master of the Universe.

I found this clip on U-Choob and at first I thought - I was there !. However, the last time I saw yer man was indeed at the String Jam Club (upstairs at the Salmon Inn in Gala), but it must have been more like 2004. His anecdotes ranged from the Galais Palais dancin' in the '60s to Albert King in a club on Beale Street.

Was it the Scottish Disease? Strangely no. He quit the demon many years ago and was a regular at the gym.
Shows tae go ye, eh ?

Whither Scottish blues ?
Looks like Sandy carries the banner forward.


  1. Ah....Tam White, a great performer, vastly under-rated and overlooked. This young guy is a pretty good slide/steel player, too. I've been out of the country for too long, don't know who is who in the UK or Scotland. Know a lot of the US acoustic bluesmen/women but few of the Brits. I do like Dave Acari, though - plays with real guts!

  2. Tam had a very full life.He was always experimenting with styles and bands. Sandy Tweeddale shows his versatility, I think, on these two clips