Saturday 12 February 2011

Little things...

Can fair cheer ye up, eh.

Found both volumes of Moir's Scottish Hilltracks (Bartholemews 1975) in a charity shop for 49p each.
I have no idea what happened to my original well thumbed copies, but these seem so familiar.
I know there is a revised combined edition, and I could end up in the middle of a reservoir or a motorway using 1974 data, but that's not the point is it ?

Enough to make me go and rescue the boots and the rucksack from the wheelie bin !

Isn't life strange ? (or is it all a Question of Balance ?)

It was at a party in Glasgow,'65. I was trying to impress the knickers off the young ladies present with my my fretboard skills, when the hostess introduced this guy. " This is Iain. He plays the guitar too." Talk about understatement ! Our paths crossed a few times after that. He had everything in those days - the looks, the talent, the vision, the charisma. But he never quite fulfilled the potential - another victim of the Scottish Disease. It's about two years now since he died.


  1. That Iain wasn't a bad lad, was he?

    You must let us know more of your early years - sounds like a fascinating time.

  2. good finds!

    yea, I second Alan, tell us more - lots of musiciany types here...

  3. Thank you both for your interest.

    I am however constrained by
    1. Modesty
    2. The laws of libel
    3. The Official Secrets Act
    4. "A gentleman never tells" and
    5. It was the '60s, for fuxxache. You know what they say!

    I did, nevertheless promise Mark in my very first post to tell the "Rolling Stones Story", so if you are all very good........

  4. ...well? I've been on tenterhooks for more than a week now, waiting for this.

  5. Wasn't he wonderful. Odd how I felt a deep sadness on learning of his death. Though I too was playing a bit of acoustic in Glw, I never met the guy. Know many who did. £ fairly recent passings have hit me unexpectedly hard: Humphrey Lyttleton, John Martyn and US Alabama bluesman, Willie King. Ironically, I knew both of the others but never met JM despite being from the same city and sharing similar musical interests. Strange life at times! Enjoy the blog....keep taking the tablets and the Malt!

  6. Scott. How could I refuse someone who can spell tenterhooks ? Watch this space.

    Iain, welcome. Thanks for your comment. I was Edinburgh based around this time, so our paths may not have crossed. My mate was going out with a lassie who knew JM from school- that was the initial contact. I subsequently saw quite a bit of him in London and the last time we met was, bizarrely, in Hawick High Street.Another sad departure recently was Tam White - the kind of guy you thought would go on forever.