Monday 27 June 2011

Blog now unfunny. "Official"

The occasionally sober among you may recall that some radge hacked into the blog recently and played silly bloggers with the stats.
Thankfully, this knuckle-dragger appears to have had his fun and moved on.It certainly opened my eyes to the stress some of you must suffer from having pageviews almost every day. It was so reassuring to see the return of the tumbleweed.

I  have, naturally had to take security measures such as changing all my passwords and making sure I am always wearing pants before going online.


  1. Thought I'd post a comment for the dubious pleasure of giving your stats some grief. Now you have a visitor - are you offering tea and buns?

  2. "Come away in. You'll have had your tea and buns ?"

  3. I though not.

  4. Oops...should have read - "I thought not".

    Rather lost it's impact, didn't it? (sigh)

  5. Funnily enough, Danny, I was asked that exact same question outside Glasgow Queen Street Station last week. Followed up, of course, by "10p for a cup of tea ?"
    You don't wear a string vest and a head bandage, do you ?

  6. Are you talking to ME! Jimmy