Thursday 9 June 2011

FAO 92.18.9 # of Manchester

(who has spent about 10 of the previous 24 hours on this site)
"Imogen, I've told you. It's over between us. Ever since I found out about you and Ryan.
Now stop stalking me.


  1. From the inspection of my blog stats, I think you'll find that Banker "from Manchester Way" is actually from a little closer to home....

    You can turn your computer off, you know... or disconnect it from your blog...

  2. Cheers Alan. Unfortunately it's not the answer.
    Not only am I not in Manchester, I have never heard of Opal Telecom, I dont use WinNT, I have my stats set not to record my own visits, and "Imogen" was apparently besporting herself on here this morning at a time when a dozen witnesses were watching me drop a jar of pickled gherkins in Tesco.

    Cable /DSL
    Browser: MSIE7
    Windows Vista
    Screen 1366 x 768

    Jog anything?

    (Much better stats from my second stat collector)

    Not pickled Gherkins? Did they have chillis?

  4. Thanks again ,Alan, but no, I dont know anyone in Kincardine. I fact I was unaware that Fife had been connected to the internet!
    It's dead buggin. Doesn't seem to be doing any harm except for completely buggering the stats, but it makes you wonder what else is going on. I can see no motive and no pattern, and there seems to be no correlation between the Blogger stats and Sitemeter.