Friday 10 June 2011

The Project

As there seems little likelihood of purging this "thing" that is parasitising the blog, I'm doing a bit of tidying up prior to deploying the ultimate sanction.
Some of you may recall me talking of The Project,  a long distance walk which I once dreamed of doing myself. Not  to be, I'm afraid, so here's an outline on the off-chance that someone may be interested. I can find no reference to this having been done before
It's a cross- Scotland route, north of the Southern Upland Way, but south of the Central Belt. It goes from Dunbar to Ayr, linking two counties with fishing/farming/mining traditions.There is a variety of types of walking, good public transport at either end, and town/villages at regular intervals.

Stage1 The Herring Road from Dunbar to Lauder. Well documented Heritage Path, but with several variations. Pick your choose.When I was hard, I did this in a day, and some of you may still mange this, but as day one of a long walk most will prefer to break it with a wild camp in the once lovely Lammermuirs.

Stage 2. Goes over Lauder Common to Stow, Up to Scroof and then either high level by Windlestraw Law, Whitehope and Glentress and down to Peebles, or lower level to Walkerburn and into Peebles along the bank of the Tweed. Again a long day, or two comfortable days.

Stage 3. The simple option here is the John Buchan Way to Broughton, or there may be the possibility of a route over the Manor Hills to Tweedsmuir.A relatively short day, or the possibility of pushing on into the next stage.

Stage 4 The Culter Hills. Find your own way. Not many obvious tracks, but mainly good walking, as I recall.
A couple of Donalds are available for the dedicated bagger, but the target is to aim for the Camps reservoir and then down to Abington. Probably a wild camp.

Stage 5. North out of the town alongside the M74 then through the underpass and follow the forestry tracks to Glespin, then Glenbuck and Muirkirk.

Stage 6. The River Ayr Way  via Failford gorge, Auchincruive gardens and into Ayr. 2/3 days depending on how much of a hurry you are in.

There you go. Something to get your teeth into. I've walked all the areas, albeit some time ago. Should take you somewhere between a week and a fortnight depending on what kind of walker you are. Enjoy

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  1. Me and one of my sprogs did the herring road as a TGO challenge training thing a few years ago - Dunbar is a good finish, what with the beer and the chips and the East coast main line back to Durham.
    I might have a crack at this - I like the idea of "make your own way"
    Not this year, though - maybe next...?

  2. In my mind, it's always e>w with the easy finish down the river with views of Arran and Ailsa Craig, although, obviously most c2cs are done w>e.
    If you do it, Mike, and I'm still mobile, I'll meet you at the finish and buy you a pint and a p*e !