Thursday 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas

To all our readers...

I suppose......

some alternatives to Noddy and co


  1. WHIT! Nae Cliff?!

    Merry Christmas OM

  2. I suppose......
    some alternatives to Noddy and co

    There's no Gollywog in Noddy now! PC gone mad

    any way every day is Xmas day here at Teddy Villas so have a good Sunday -- cheers

  3. There was an article in one of the "proper" papers a wee while ago about Christmas songs, and they'd interviewed Jim Lea out of Slade, who made the point that their song didn't have any bells, or things jingling, or weans singing - it was just a rock band playing a number that happened to be about Christmas.

    I've been listening to it for - whit? - pushing 40 years, and I'd never actually noticed that before.

    Attention to detail, that's the key. :0)

  4. No, Ken. Reserve the right/reasons of space/etc etc. Also left out- Steve Earle and Phil Spector.

    Danny. No golliwogs on Robertsons jam either !But I bet you have a badge in a drawer someplace.
    I will be imagining the groaning table at Teddy Villas as the beadle ladles out the gruel here at the workhouse. All the best for Christmas and New Year to your good self and to the attractive young lady who features in some of your photographs. And to The Bear.

  5. Scott. Shame that Slade will always be remembered for mall muzak. It, not the worst Christmas song by any means, but tends to pall through repetition and association.
    Often forgotten that when they started they were a skinhead band - all braces and Doc Martens. They once played the Odeon in Edinburgh on the same night that Zep played the Usher Hall and I had to take an alternative route home lest my velvet loons and Afghan coat met with the disapproval of the bovver boys on Nicholson Street.

  6. All the best. Hope your festive season is a cracker.
    Love Alex Harvey Band.

  7. Cheers, Alan and a Guid New Year to Sheila and yourself. Enjoy New Zealand !