Friday 2 December 2011

Watch out Jeremy !

We're coming to get you.


  1. Whereas Clarkson says "Farm the Unemployed".

    Yon organs are worth money, you know...

  2. and "IDS say Alarm the Unemployed" and "Piers say Smarm the Unemployed"
    Going back to the "hated" tune for the unowot, Gay Disco did not seem to be popular with the blogeratti, so maybe "I will survive" might be appropriate ?
    Incidentally, it is confirmed that the service will be bookended by my entry to "Green Onions" and the congregation exiting to "Hell's Bells"

  3. Aye - those'll be the very dab.

    A genuinely true story - a couple of weeks ago my mother was at Daldowie crematorium for the send-off of a friend from school. (Martha's 74, so her late contemporary was much the same, to give you a frame of reference.) The talk of the steamie was the unexpected choice of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" to accompany the climactic moment.

    Fair play to her!

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  5. Ah, Daldowie,
    I can still savour, in my mind's nose, the unique olfactory experience which resulted from the serendipitous juxtaposition of zoo, crem, and sewage works.