Wednesday 7 December 2011

This was always going to happen

Bastards !

As with all "National Parties " throughout history, once the populist and undeliverable policies have conned the electorate, democracy and accountability are thrown out the window in pursuit of The Leader's Master Plan.

This has nothing to do with bringing electric light to the poor benighted folk of Denny. (there will be time enough for that later after they get inside toilets.)
It's all about the Mad One's plan to generate so much 'leccy from wind power in Scotland that we will be able to export it to England and other Third World countries.
Tankers will leave Scotland's shores brimming over with surplas voltage to power the impotent microwaves which are just waiting to feed the starving Somalis.
Nobel Prize ? Well, Thanks.That'll do nicely.  Richly deserved if you ask me.

What a feckin radge !

Well seen he's a fat Jambo who believed Vlad's Champions League in 4 years promise.

Am I angry ?

You're darned tootin' I am.

Enough to drive a good man to drink.


  1. Angry? Certainly.
    Surprised? Certainly not.

    I believe that the power line infrastructure is funded by National Grid, so there are no ROC's available here to fudge the economics. The cost is totally transparent and so it was always going to be pylons.

    Besides - the next Scottish elections are far away and the voters will then be sold the 'dream' of independence; for that is what it is. Salmond gained power by fooling the electorate that he actually *wants* Scotland to be independent.

    Like B*ll8cks, he does....

    Well - you all voted him in and you get what you paid for.

    Its a pity, as he is screwing up Internationally important land in the process.

  2. Well Brian Souter and "Sean" Connery got what they paid for ! Don't blame me - I voted for Tommy Sheridan.

  3. In 1990 I attended an anti-poll tax meeting in a workingmen’s club in Blackpool where the guest speaker was a young lad from Scotland. His name was Tommy Sheridan. I was immediately captivated by his command of the English language, his passion and his sense of justice. I have been a big fan ever since. If I’d had a vote in the Scottish election, OM, I’d have voted for him too. And if he’d released a few records, I’d have preferred him to Billy Bragg. But only just.
    Alen McF

  4. Yes, Alen.A true Working Class Hero. Heady days when there were 6 SSP MSPs and they pushed through the abolition of the barbaric warrant sales among other things.But the curse of left politics fragmentation put paid to that and at the last election I had a choice of about six "socialist" parties on the regional list.
    I hear Tommy will be out for Christmas, and there will be further revelations when Coulson faces trial in Scotland for perjuring himself during Sheridan II.