Thursday 29 December 2011

Status Report

In January I shared with you my hopes and expectations, walking-wise, for 2011. I seem to recall that there was some loose talk of  Donalds and Projects. 'Tis now time for a performance evaluation.

On a lovely crisp January day I set off up Tilly Glen. I got 3/4 of the way up and was dead chuffed.
A couple of weeks later I tried to push the route out further, but was frustrated early doors by what proved to be a really nasty chest infection. Attempt the third, took me right up to the watershed. Excellent. In late September I completed the entire route (Erse for elbae of course) from Blackford through to Tillicoultry. Unfortunately I suffered a wee TIA roughly half way through, which involved sitting on the edge of a peat hag for nearly three hours holding my phone and wondering if I could face the embarrassment of calling the MRT. I did however complete under my own steam, albeit taking 12 hours for 10 miles.


In between the first and last visit to Tilly Glen I had some great days in the Ochils and the Moorfoots, but undoubtedly the highlight was a wee jaunt, complete with overnight camp, in midsummer in the Lowthers

For the record,I have Type 2 diabetes. It can't be cured - it can be slowed down by diet exercise and medication. There are lots of effects (google if interested) but my main problems at the moment are my feet and my eyes ( apart of course from my heart, my liver and my kidneys. And my fingers. And my bronchi
and a constantly running nose, and...)

I was put off the road twice for periods of several weeks with bad blisters. Now blisters can lead to infection and infection can lead to the Big G and before you know it you're auditioning in front of Peter Cook for the role  of Tarzan.
The Vision Thing is distressing. By somewhat devious means I have hung onto my driving licence, although I would only now consider driving in an extreme emergency. If the current rate of deterioration is maintained, I will be functionally blind sometime next summer. This, I think, is a Bad Thing.
.So there, as they say, you have it.

And for 2012 ?

Fuck knows.


  1. It hasn't affected your sense of humour, OM. Stick in there. You're a hero.
    Alen McF

  2. I'd never have guessed......I, too, had a minor TIA last November - it sure muddles you a bit and is not a cheery thing. Best wishes for 2012 and a Good New Year. I saw Bob Weir play a few years ago out in USA with a fine band called the Waybacks; they did a special Dead set. Most acceptable, 'twere!

  3. It's good to see you hanging in there. It all sounds a bit of a bugger, really. As Alen says, you have to have a laugh, really.
    ave a good new year. I understand you celebrate it up there in the land of the tundra.

  4. Hi Alen. Hero my arse - I'm just a very grumpy old man.Guid new year. venceremos !

    Iain, these TIA's are becoming very fashionable - everyone seems to be having them. Perhaps they're the new black. Always thought Weir looked too fresh-faced and clean cut to be associating with reprobates like Garcia/Hart/ McKernan - wrote some good songs though.Awrabest!

    Mr. Sloman.Laugh ? An old man pours out his heart about his pain and suffering and all you can do is laugh ? But seriously though .....
    Sounds like you've had an interesting year, and I hope the next one is no less so.Once again it is pissing rain up here, so rest assured that all the bogs will be absolutely brimming to full capacity for May. Enjoy !

  5. It hasn't actually stopped raining up here for about a month, as far as I can see. Seems nobody I know is getting out walking even if they're feeling in rude health.

    PS, you've reminded me of one of my favourite rhyming couplets ever in a rock song. No, it's not Zevon, it's the Crash Test Dummies.

    "I've watched the summer evenings pass by,
    I've heard the rattle in my bronchi...

  6. Aye, Scott, almost Gilbertian, eh ?

    "About binomial theorem I am teeming with a lot o' news,
    With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse."

    Good new year to you and yours.

  7. Hope you're not banking me pushing you up and down the Ochils in a wheelchair!

    Mind you the way it's been raining it might be a pedalo that we need (lol).

  8. Here, thats a thought Kenny.
    And you've had plenty practice in dealing with locked gates with Maisie. Happy New Year to the pair of you.