Sunday 31 October 2010

Corrections and Clarifications

I refer to my previous post.

It has been drawn to my attention that a few parts of this, taken out of context, might have given some readers  the impression that, in some way, I had been involved in an incident during which a shotgun was discharged in the general direction of a dear sweet old lady in some imagined dispute over confectionery.

Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. Except for the evidence in the Tommy Sheridan trial, obviously.

And my injured toe? I hear you ask. Well, my solicitor suggests that I claim it was sustained "hillwalking"

 Whatever. The fact remains that I have lost the nail on my left big toe and it has turned septic. The festering nailbed currently exhibits a combination of colours hitherto only previously seen on the cover of 5000 Spirits or The Layers of the Onion.

In the circumstances, I have to conclude that this is a "Bad Thing".  And so it goes.

Returning to happier times. As you do.
This was one of the first numbers I played in public as part of our class "group" circa 1964. Only cheap equipment prevented our vesion being as good as this.

Bizarrely, in the '80s I sat in for Rory (in rehearsal) for 20 minutes while he took a phone call.
The rhythm section was Jack Bruce and Charlie Watts.
The singer, Jim Diamond.
Strong drink had been taken. Bruce was then on his first liver.
Rory came back and said "Cheers"
More strong drink was taken.


  1. I always said that that Charlie wasn't up to much. His mate Keith was pretty handy with a cheapo guitar at the time too. And did we ever hear of him again? Nah...

  2. 5000 Spirits - not many people mention the String Band these days...unless it's Robert Plant who is finishing his current set with "A Very Cellular Song".

    Saw RG at the Glasgow Apollo - late 70's(?) - always preferred his acoustic numbers.

    Hope the toe improves soon!

  3. AS
    Charlie's sound. His mate Keef had to go back to Cheapo Guitar School for re-training. Check out "Chuck Berry and Keith Richards - Oh Carol" on Youtube.

    I was really into the ISB in the early days in Glasgow and London. Thought they got a bit up their collective arse later on, but the early material really stands up well compared to some of the stuff from that period. We went to see a RW gig a couple of years ago - very sad. He hasn't aged well.
    Rory was extremely talented and versatile, and, on the occasions on which I was in his company, a really decent bloke. I know what you mean about the acoustic stuff - an entire audience stamping and clapping along to "Goin' to My Hometown" ! His grave in Cork has the weirdest tombstone I've ever seen.

  4. Know what you mean about the ISB - liked the early stuff - liked the initial weird stuff - but once Lemaistre arrived for me it all went to hell. I was still at school in those days so never saw them live...until much...much later.

    Saw RW in Glasgow - about the time of the ISB reunion - when was that...late 90's? Wasn't over-impressed I have to say.

    Went to see the reformed ISB in the Queens Hall Edinburgh but I'm afraid RW's wife ruined it - doesn't seem to sing in key. Was actually ok when she kept quiet.