Friday 15 October 2010

Empress of Morroco

A recent conversation between Doc Holiday ("I'm sorry, he's having a little break this week. Yes, another one. I know. Would you like to see one of the other doctors ?") and Our Hero.

DH (writing scrip) :  I'm going to try you on these for a while.

OH : Will they get me leaping up mountains and trekking through vast wildernesses ?

DH:  I shouldn't think so, but if I prescribe them to six more patients, I qualify for comps and hospitality at the Open next year.

OH: I see. How will you know if they're working ?

DH : I read the obits in the Stirling Observer every weeek.

OH : Fairy Nuff. I suppose a litre of Rohypnol is out of the question ?

DH : Aye. Right. See you when I get back from ma holibags.

And so, once more to Crieff, scene of my recent exploits on the Knock. No mountaineering this time - just a pleasant stroll along the river Earn to Muthill (that's Mew-thill).
I got the route on the excellent Walkhighlands site, and the directions were spot-on.

The cloud was well down all day, and there were no views to the Crianlarich munros or other surrounding hills. The walk starts through suburban Crieff and, at 9am it was eerily quiet.

Here's a picture of a horse to alleviate the boredom

There is a brief view of the Earn from the road bridge, before the path climbs away from the river.

A little puzzle for you - is that a very high fence, or are these very small horses ? Or are they far away ?

The path descends through mature mixed woodland before crossing the main Stirling road at the Stuart Crystal shop and heading down to the river bank. For the next 5 miles or so it follows the river, sometimes close, sometimes at a distance. I would say the river was at winter level, but not in spate. and I saw two good salmon going through.

Guid stuff that Roundup,eh ?

After about 5 miles, the path turns right onto an old railway.

                                Don't fancy yours much ! Two of the ugliest sheep I've ever seen.

The final section is through some more woodland to the outskirts of Muthill.

Around this point, I had to stand aside to let through more than 30 members of a walking club going in the opposite direction. I didn't take a photograph in case any of them were Native Americans.

So, what about this Morocco thing. Weeeeeeel, legend has it that a blacksmith's daughter from Muthill set sail for the Colonies to seek her fortune, there being no professional footballers in them days. Her ship was captured by Barbary pirates and soon she was, like Websters Dictionary.................. .Arriving in Tangier, she was recruited for the Sultan's harem. Her proficiency in carrying out the duties required of her resulted in the Sultan rewarding her with Turkish Delight, tangerines, and the title of Empress of  Morocco.

So, there you have it. True as I'm riding this bike.

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