Thursday 21 October 2010

Thanks, neebs !

Just a quick post to thank the guy who the Fatdog employs to lift her over fences. The plug worked wonders, and I now have a horde of drooling Sun readers on my case.

Big Senga fae Fallin has been booked for the photoshoot in her Icebreaker merino scanties, so - soft porn and gear review in a oner - the perfect outdoor blog !


  1. Having spent many school holidays in Fallin with my Gran (some time ago I may add) I'm sure I recall Big Senga from those days.

    Somehow the appeal of "pictures of burdz in their pants" has somewhat diminished and I would ask, nay beg, that you reconsider the photoshoot.

    Only to delighted to help with the visitors. Great blog - this is the sort of stuff we like to read.

    Judging from the first line of your post you've either been delving into my blog or know me from ScottishHills...I don't think I've talked about lifting Maisie over fences for a while - but I've got a crap memory. LOL

    Good luck with the blog!

  2. A big "Ta" to FatDog's Lifter for pointing me here. Looking forward to it.