Sunday 17 October 2010

The Human Body..........

is a funny thing, is it not ?

Well mine certainly is.

I set off to do this walk about a week ago, and had to quit after about 20 minutes - dizziness and a general inability to put one foot in front of the other.

Ah wiz bilin !!

Yesterday, however, after examining the entrails, (my own and those of a stray goat) I formed the opinion that the omens were auspicious for a redeck.

Up the steps beside the walnut tree, past the tennis club and bowling green and into the Mine Woods.

Copper mining was abandoned here in the nineteenth century.

Up to the Pendreich road and on to the entrance to the reservoir. There is an excellent panorama from here on a clear day, stretching from Ben Lomond round to Ben Vorlich (Perthshire). I just wish my camera could do it justice.

Then up the road to Cocksburn Reservoir. I was looking forward to a seat and an apple at my usual spot on the dam, but was annoyed to see "my" spot occupied by a couple sporting matching hun tops.

Past the reservoir and on to Sheriffmuir Road, where the parked cars gave an inkling of what was to come.

That sign !

And on up the six lane highway that is Dumyat. Very busy, by my standards.

I find it rather distressing having  people immediately in front or behind me who are walking at a different, often erratic, pace. I managed to keep this to a minimum by the deployment of selective flatulence.
For the gear-freaks, some of my fellow walkers seemed prepared for the Pennine Way. and some for the Bigg Market.

OK, Dumyat is a family afternoon stroll, but you do get some splendid views over the Carse, the links of Forth and as far away as the Forth Bridge and the Crianlarich munros.

Over the top and down to Menstrie Glen . Never saw a soul on the way down. Bus home from Menstrie. Very satisfying afternoon.

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