Tuesday 19 October 2010

Latest from that crisis meeting.

Oldmortality : Do you think they will notice the changes ?

Creative Director: With luck they'll think it's another blog - and anyway the figures can't get any worse.

Oldmortality : True, true. And if this doesn't work ?

Creative Director : Like I said, it's the "pictures of burdz in their pants" option next. Never fails

Oldmortality : I'm so glad I hired a true professional. I'll leave it to you then.


  1. Well, I don't know what it looked like before 'the changes' (and don't we all suffer them!!) but it looks fine now. An entertaining read and lovely pictures. Just what I like.


  2. Been having a good hoot as I've read through your posts. From the photos I notice we've walked in a number of similar spots though my trips in the Ochils haven't taken me anywhere near that "shoot the dog" sign - thankfully! Keep up the good work. I for one will definitely be dropping back regularly for some of that infectious humour.

    PS Alex from http://blueskyscotland.blogspot.com/ wasn't able to post a comment (technical reasons) but has asked me if I would request the "pictures of burdz in their pants" .