Thursday 12 July 2012

Air Guitar

The new computer came with built in software which allows me to actually watch you as you read my blog, or indeed do anything at all in front of your computer screen.
Now I'm not going to go into detail - what goes on in the Blogosphere stays in the Blogosphere- but, dearie me ! The state of
some of you !!

However I have noted that a surprising number of you are quite adept at the old air guitar, and I have decide to hold an online master class for your benefit

So, to start with a bit of a warm up Plugged in? Amp switched on?
Then take it away, Francis

Well, that was pretty average. The footwork needs some work , though. Try this little set-piece

Much better. Now lets work on the sustain and finger vibrato. And of course a key element here is the appropriately tortured facial expression

If you are feeling confident, you can try this, but be careful if you have a bad back!

Right, you're on your own. Keep practicing and I'll see you next week for our advanced class.

Oh, and put some pants on, eh.


  1. Stevie Ray and Voodoo Chile
    At last a descent bit of guitar...
    Ok, Gary Moore was pretty good as well.
    Better after he left Thin Lizzy.

    But Status Quo?

    1. It;s not supposed to be a collection of the greatest guitar music in the world - just stuff that you can boogie along to and practice your air guitar technique.
      The clue is in the title,FFS !

      Anyhow, there;s loads of Quo fans who read this blog, and they'll be along in a minute to monster you.

      Wont they.?

    2. Can't boogie to Quo, it's better for suicide.
      That'll get em going.
      With my knees, I can't really boogie at all.

      And talking of Suicide :)

  2. When I was a nipper, I quite liked Status Quo. There I said it. After all these years...
    Heartless, Andrew, Heartless!

  3. Well, there you go ,Andrew.
    You spend a fortnight walking across Scotland with someone. You think you know what makes him tick. You think you know all his little secrets. Then - bombshell!!

  4. I'm trying to work ouy how many times I've seen the Quo live. I've run out of fingers on my air fret hand, I'll tell you that.


    1. Run out of fingers ? So, you mean more than six, then ?

  5. It gets more advanced?
    Presumably next weeks offering will be 'Air Guitar (Slight Return)'?
    I thought SRV was slacking - I was playing it my teeth, and my air guitar was in flames at the time!

  6. Left-handed and upside down, I presume. This is of course the problem with these mixed ability groups.
    I think you will enjoy next week's Rickenbacker/Marshall speaker cabinet session with Professor Townsend, Staiway To Heaven on the double necked Gibson (always a bit confusing for the beginner) and Jumpi; Jack Flash while smoking a Marlboro.
    Or you could join the remedial group on Kumbaya.

  7. Did you know that if you do air banjolele to George Formby records people think you're doing Leo Sayer impressions. So I've stopped doing them - in front of the computer at least. But you'll know that.

    1. Right enough, I wondered why you had stopped doing that.
      Oh, and by the way, please don't pick your nose while you are posting comments on my blog. Yuck.