Saturday 28 July 2012

I blame that b*****d James Page !

If only he had stuck in at his studies he would probably have discovered some kind of miracle treatment that would allow me to do stuff like this again.

But, no. The little shit dropped out to study Music with Applied Pharmacy and Gynaecology. And what has he got to show for it ?

What a waste
(Obviously this is before Bob went off to edit the News of The World !)

Here's a clip I put on one of my first posts. Love the song and the video of the Pacific Coast Highway at dusk


  1. I saw and loved that James Page clip on some telly prog a while ago. Most amusing! And (is it?) Steve Stills, always good value. I know a guy who knew him well. Apparently he used to tote a pistol around and would wave it wildly when 'out of it' - a pretty common occurrence, then! We drove down that highway a few years ago in a rag-top Mustang, given to us by those fine chaps at Hertz 'cos they'd run out of the cheap Ford runaround we'd booked: a fine, much appreciated, gesture!

    1. Certainly Route 1 should be on everyone's "before I die list".They have probably tidied it up since I was there - some of the cliffhager bits could be a bit dangerous, and you were liable to come round a bend and meet a Mexican family walking to Oregon for the fruit picking !
      Underestimating time/distance (as you do in the US) I once spent a night in the seediest, rooms-by-the-hour, no-tell-motel in a place called Pizmo(?) Beach