Wednesday 18 July 2012

Goodbye old friend

It's been our turn for the floods, landslips etc. today.
Wednesday is now the day I am committed to two short walks (don't ask - you would just laugh if I told you), so I got drookit twice.

It looks like the end of the path for my Sprayway Taslan Goretex rainjacket (shell to you).
Twenty six years old – just getting into it's stride. We've been in some dodgy places over the years and it has protected me from wind, rain, sleet, snow and IPA. Good job it can't talk !

I tried to re-proof it with that Knickerwax in the washing machine, but I must have done something wrong. I know, difficult to believe, but there you go. So now its about as much use as Ann Frank's drum kit. Or, I suppose, Martin Banfield's sofa.

I've got one of these modern bum-freezer jobs, bit I'm not impressed. Perhaps I should get one of these Paramos that everyone seems to be raving about. Oh, wait....... that was last year. I must try to keep up


  1. Aye Martin's sofa has to be a good second hand buy.
    Berghaus and Sprayway still do bum warmer waterproofs btw.

    1. Thanks, Alan. Birthday coming up soon, so I suppose I'll be researching the latest spurious claims for "waterproof" and "breathable"

  2. I'm reading this at work. And I know that, really, the Ann Frank line shouldn't be all that funny because it's not in the best of taste, but I laughed so much I shared it with everyone else in the office (well, all the two people in here, but it IS 1am). Going home now a happier chap. No IPA to spray over me but there's some Guinness in the fridge.

    1. Fuxxache, Alen. You don't read this blog expecting good taste, do you ?