Tuesday 3 July 2012

Another man done gone.

It's the sports jacket I remembered first - a dark green hairy effort worn with cavalry twills and a black droopy moustache set in a rather florid, moon face.
He was in the first tutorial group I attended, and  we went for coffee afterwards. We were never mates. Friends ? - maybe, or just fellow students. He was a leading light in the Conservative Society, which made him a bit of an endangered species in '60s student politics, and subject to a lot of ridicule and abuse which he bore with unfailing good humour.
Ken went on to become a TV reporter and then a big shot in BBC Scotland. Died today "after a long illness".
A  good man, I think.


  1. I used to go home from college and my mum used to to tell me who had got married. A few years later it was who was inside, then who had had kids.
    Now Mum's alone and in a home and we are telling her who of our friends have passed on.

    It's a gritty old world OM.

  2. Ta for the music, by the way. New to me.

    1. Drummer sounds kinda Kirkey. (it's not though)