Monday 16 July 2012

Fox attacks wind farm

Good stuff. Sad but true that "household names" carry more clout with the public and politicians than faceless organisations like the MCoS.


  1. Surely, OM, that has always been the case?

    The public has in all likelihood never heard of the MCofS. Though how many would know about individual mountaineers is another matter...

    The Highlands are doomed if an ex-mountain rescue man and keen Munroist Fergus Ewing is willing to sacrifice them to Soctland's thrusting ambitions to export energy to England.

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    2. I think Hamish MacInnes has quite a high public profile in Scotland. Not as high as, say, Muriel Gray, or the late Tam Weir, but higher than, with respect, Chris Townsend.
      You are right, of course, that public opinion on it's own wont stop the juggernaut, but, in conjunction with the changing energy price enviromnent, it might play an incresing role.
      Anyway, you seem to be a decent bloke, so after 2014 I'll smuggle you out the odd bottle of the cratur and some cheap leccy.

    3. Alan, You might also be interested in this, if you havent already seen it.

    4. Thanks for the heads-up on this, OM. Word had already gone around on the Challenge Message Board, but with no details.
      Sounds quite splendid, but probably won't quite have the feel of Morgan's Den and the wonderful map room as the sun set in the north west.