Wednesday 26 June 2013

Futile gesture




I had started to prepare a long post about medical history and motivation and inspiration and stuff, but decided to just cut to the chase. On Monday evening I packed the Jag for an overnighter and headed off up the glen.

I found a perfect spot beside the river and set up the tent. The next morning I packed up again and came home.

That’s it really.

 DSCF4264  DSCF4267

So, what did we learn on the show tonight, Craig ?

Well, I know that I can get everything I need to keep me in reasonable luxury into my old Jaguar E54.I know that I can walk uphill for two miles with a 10k pack and two miles back downhill the next day.

I re-learned some basic tent management such as how much water i need to lay-in for breakfast.

“So, it was a success then ?”

Well, more like deferred failure.*

“But did you enjoy it ?” 

Aye, I suppose it was alright, like. **

*Scottish optimism

** Scottish enthusiasm



  1. It's been a while, I would guess.
    Well done Sir. Any plans after this?

    1. Plans ? Ah gotta million o dem.
      Unfortunately, just as they reach fruition, Fate snaps the rubber glove on his Fickle Finger.