Saturday 29 June 2013

Verrry interestink….




What, that ? It’s just an old ditch, innit ?

Ah well, that is where you are mistaken, my pretties. It’s a lade and I reckon it was dug about 1790. I’ve traced it for about 2.4 miles across the moor, and there are only a couple of pieces required to complete the jigsaw.

But then it would be finished. So there’s no rush.

Here’s some appropriate summery festivally music.

Warning. Not suitable for elderly gentlemen with high blood pressure


  1. I haven't thought of Hogan's Heroes for years. My dad was a big fan, so in the days of single tellys, you all watched it.

    (PS I've no' watched that video, given the warning on the tin.)

    1. Actually, it was Rowan and Martin's Laugh In, but, to be fair, these storm troopers aw look the same. It's the helmet, I think.

  2. Really? Weird - I could have sworn...etc, etc. Still, at least it proves that I didny google the quote. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. A lade, as your late dad would have told you, is an artificial watercourse, usually fed from a weir on a river, which supplies water to some industrial site, usually a mill. In Scotland.

    2. Race. Launder. Flume. Why has something so simple got so many names? It's all too confusing if you ask me.

  4. Just a wee update to my original comment - I'm glad I summoned up the fortitude to watch that video after all, because it was highly excellent.

    I'm even thinking about spreading the word on Facebook to all my friends, so that two other folk know about it.


    1. Actually, I have discovered that using the Livewriter video insert means that the punters cant expand the clip to view full screen (unlike the old haun' knitted "embed" function)
      There have been complaints from readers (and I use the term loosely)who can't make out the detail of Grace's, ahem, Flying V