Thursday 27 June 2013

What about this weather, then ?


This time last year I was remarking on the incessant rain and calf-deep mud.

Really ? Moaning and whingeing, was I ?  Can’t believe that.

Anyhows. Completely different this year, here in the Central Belt.

Warm ( but not Scorchio !), dry apart from some light showers to freshen up the greenery,and mainly overcast with some sunny spells. Ideal walking weather apart from perhaps some cloud or haze obscuring the long views, if you want to be picky. The paths are dry, the burns jumpable, and the wee rivers splashable.

Today I was out locally doing about 5 miles to 700ft in about 2.5 hours. Carrying a pack ballasted to 11kg.

The more astute ( and I use the term loosely) among you will see where we are going with this.

Or not



  1. Steady now. Let's not go mad.

    1. Might I refer my learned friend to the title of the, erm, blog under advisement ?

  2. I'm completely unastute, as you know, but if you're looking for company once you've worked up to whatever it is you're working up to, give us a shout.

    I can lend you a dug.

    1. FFS, I'm just working up to being able to carry a tent, a stove and a sleeping bag, and you want me to carry a soddin dug as well.